Today in the city Thatcher 29.03.2017
The ugly truth of Canada's welfare state

The central project of the liberal welfare state is to build a society based on a high-minded ethic of altruism rather than narrow self-interest. The whole point is to create a new kind of person whos...

Foreign leaders try to find their in with a mercurial yet crucial ally: Trump

Reagan had Thatcher. Bush had Blair. Can the ‘America First’ president forge a close bond with a global power player?

Stephen Bannon's hatred of the 'administrative elite' is a charade

What is the "administrative state," and why does chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon want to "deconstruct" it? Three texts are key to understanding Bannon's florid resentments: ex-Communist Ja...

Utopian thinking: the easy way to eradicate poverty | Rutger Bregman

Keeping people poor is a political choice we can no longer afford, with so much human potential wasted. We need a universal basic incomeWhy do poor people make so many bad decisions? It’s a harsh que...

The Most Inspiring Women's Empowerment Quotes In Movie History

From Princess Leia to Hermione Granger, cinema has graced us with some of the most inspiring role models imaginable. Watching these women on screen gives us the ability to live lives that aren’t ours,...

Trump and May: The new Thatcher and Reagan?

CNN looks at the highlights of the US and the UK's "special relationship", dating back to Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

May and Trump revive signs of Reagan and Thatcher relationship

President Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May have vowed to revive the closeness of the Reagan-Thatcher years.       

She’s not the new Thatcher, she’s the new Blair

Theresa May's Davos speech shows she wants to be a centrist Het bericht She’s not the new Thatcher, she’s the new Blair verscheen eerst op Business Insider.

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