Today in the city Thatcher 23.10.2019
Venezuela Lawmaker Blasts Bernie, Dares Him To Try Socialism Without His Bodyguards

This article is from The Western Journal.

Mandi Riggi Tells Post-Punk Tale of Rebellion in ‘Alex in Wonderland’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Aftab is a bright, feisty, British-Indian teen living under her parents’ watchful eye amid the hedonism and decay of Thatcher’s London. When her strict and traditional parents decide to marry her off...

A photographer uses cheap, everyday items as props in photo shoots, and the final portraits are stunning

Many photographers are sharing behind-the-scenes moments from photo shoots on social media. One of these photographers is Kai Böttcher, who reveals how he achieves certain effects in captivating...

*Flashback* - 1975

Per "Billboard Hot 100," their top music hits for that year. Notes for 1975 (you probably weren't born): USA - FILMS: Blockbuster movie, "Jaws," was released along with The Toweri...

Final Volume of Thatcher's Authorised Biography Confirms 'Iron Lady' Backed Brexit

The final chapter of Margaret Thatcher's authorised biography has confirmed that the late "Iron Lady" wanted Britain to leave the European Union.

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